Chemical studies of paint media in ancient Roman paintings have allowed for the development of a new water soluble beeswax paint for artists with remarkable characteristics



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  • Water solubility

    The exceptional water solubility of the paint allows easy handling and cleaning, providing intense diluted brushstrokes and clean tones.
  • Nontoxic

    The paint medium is manufactured from natural products, free of toxic and allergenic components.
  • Non-collapsible

    The paint surface faithfully maintains the trace of the stroke without change in shape or volume.
  • Fast drying time

    Allows work on multiple paint layers in a single session.
  • All supports and primers

    Wall, board, canvas, paper. ceramic, metal, glass, plasstic ... and on oil primers and acrylic or glue gesso.
  • Highest durability

    Evidenced by the state of conservation of Roman paintings made in water soluble encaustic.
  • Colour brightness

    Colours offer high strength and depth due to the remarkable optical qualities of the beeswax.
  • Compatibility

    Cuni colours can be mixed with acrylics, oils, water mixable oils, hot encaustics, watercolours or temperas, and can also be applied on any of these paints.