What was encaustic

In the inscriptions of the constructions at Delos, most dating from the 3rd-2nd centuries BC, there are various references to the use of encaustic: on statues, in the ceiling of the Porinos naos, in the Pastophorion, in the barrier of Pythion, in the doors of the temple of Apollo, in the panel paintings that decorated the lantern of the hypostile hall, in several inventories of votive panel paintings, in a business contract, and also in the inventories of the temple of Asclepius at Epidaurus, which mention the use of encaustic painting in the peristasis (exterior hall) and on the marble gutters with lion heads. Marie-Christine Hellmann. Recherches sur le vocabulaire de l´architecture grecque, d´après les inscriptions de Dèlos, 1992, 87-91.

The use of encaustic colors by sculptors it is mentioned in an inscription on an altar at Thassos. (A. Reinach, Recueil Milliet, Textes grecs et latins relatifs a l´histoire de la peinture ancienne, Paris, 1921, 18).

The inventories of treasures kept in the sanctuaries of ancient Greece list objects polychromed with encaustic: "In the Oikos near the Ekklesiasterion [...] doored pezikon in frame with encaustic, dedication of Timar[a]tos of Rhodes; another hippikon, with encaustic, dedication of Theoxenos of Leontini; another pezikon in frame, with encaustic where the inscription was illegible; another pezikon with encaustic, dedication of Menelaus of Epirus; another gilded hippikon, with encaustic, dedication of King Ptolemy son of Lysimachos [...] shield in frame, uniscribed, with encaustic". Athenian Inventories ID 3. 1417.

The term "encaustic statue maker" occurs in a Roman inscription (IG. xiv, no. 1494; Loewy, Inschriften, no. 551).

Plutarch speaks of encausters of statues: "They are like the toilet-makers and chair-bearers of a luxurious woman; or rather like the encausters and gilders and colorers of statues". Plutarch, De Gloria Athen. 6, p. 348 F.

"What need to tell of statues fashioned long since in encaustic and bronze?" Statius, Silvae 2, 2, 65.