What was encaustic

"I am not a painter [kerotéxnes]". Anacreon, Odes 13. (6th-5th century BC).

Account of painting work for a house in Philadelpheia (Egypt) "by the encaustic painters ( έγκαυσταî ) Artemidoros and Demetrios". Papyrus michigan.apis.1823. (3rd century BC).

In the inscriptions which record the building accounts for the Erechtheion, there occurs the entry of a sum paid to the encaustic painters [έγκαυσταî] for having painted [έγκέαντι] the cymatium on the epistylum of the interior. A. P. Laurie, Greek and Roman Methods of Painting, London 1910, 56.

For long time, artists specializing in wall painting were known as enkaustai (Etymologicum Magnum, art. "E E γκέκανmένh", Cf. Cros, Henry, 1884, 58).