Experiences – Gabriela Berlingeri

Gabriela Berlingeri experienced with 15 years the excitement of contemplating the architecture and art of the great masters of history in Rome, Florence or Paris, at the same time she was captivated by the street art that bustled in these cities so far from her native Uruguay. Her architecture studies allowed her to travel around […]

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Experiences – Javier Huecas

The act of creation is a privilege that let us to shape your anguish, your dreams, your desires, your phobias. Javier Huecas (Prat de Llobregat, 1958) felt from a very young age the need to capture his inner world through masks, drawings and paintings. He studied Fine Arts in Seville, Barcelona and Almeria. This last […]

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Experiences – Agnes Fong

There was a line and I followed it. There is always a line, a thread that draws and draws. And the thread turns, it gets tangled up and finds its way again. The line grows. Behind, the beautiful drawing of life, ideas, projects. In front the thread that does not stop. The drawing that grows. […]

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Test in portrait with water soluble encaustic by An Wei

An Wei is a Chinese emerging artist living in Madrid. Usually An paints portraits in grisaille and this time is no different, however he adds colour to one area using adhesive tape. Water soluble encaustic is a new procedure to him and he comments on how surprising the beeswax soft and velvety texture is, as […]

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