Available in a range of 30 colors in the traditional 40 ml tube.


Available in a range of 30 colorsthe same references as tubes- in a 200 ml jar.

Six colours set

Six colours in 40 ml tubes: titanium white, azo yellow, naphthol red, phthalo green, ultramarine blue, carbon black.

Medium 150 ml can

Mix medium with Cuní colours for creating glazes, extending colours, enhancing gloss and translucency and increasing flexibility and adhesion to the surface. Mix it with the desired pigment to create a new water soluble encaustic colour.

Diluted with water and applied to the support or the priming, the medium provides a waxy surface that allows a smooth paint application.

Retarder 100 ml jar

Mixed with Cuní colours, it increases their open time and the final drying time. It provides more fluid and transparent colours. Useful for blending and shading, for giving continuity to monochrome areas and for wet-in-wet techniques.

It does not alter the durability of the paint film. Colours remain wet on the palette for prolonged periods.

Roman box

Special set containing paints formulated with the original components identified in Roman wall paintings.

Five colours in 40 ml tubes: lime white, yellow ochre, red earth, egipcian blue hue and carbon black.


Titanium white
Lemon yellow
Azo yellow
Indian yellow
Mars yellow
Pyrazolone orange
Naphthol red
Cadmium red light
Cadmium red medium
Quinacridone magenta
Naphthol carmine
Dioxacine violet
Phthalo blue
Ultramarine blue
Cobalt blue
Phthalo green
Cinnabar green
Yellow ochre
Raw sienna
Dark ochre
Seville earth
Burnt sienna
Red earth
Oxyde brown
Light brown
Raw umber
Burnt umber
Dark brown
Cassel earth
Carbon black

Colours Chart

Cuní water soluble colours offers a range of 30 colours in 40 ml tubes. For details on each colour such as series number, permanence rating and other information click on the colours’ image.