Experiences – Agnes Fong

There was a line and I followed it. There is always a line, a thread that draws and draws. And the thread turns, it gets tangled up and finds its way again. The line grows. Behind, the beautiful drawing of life, ideas, projects. In front the thread that does not stop. The drawing that grows. And in recent years it has grown a lot, dedicating time, enlightening, illustrating.

An example of it is ‘Drawn Cities’ -Almería, Havana, Madrid … – that has allowed me to draw a map of cities where experiences, colors and customs intermingle the memory and the future. From the ‘Drawn Cities’ to the ‘Infinite Cities’. Book and coloring sheets from Almeria and Havana have been part and important projects of this illustration process.

Finding out wáter encaustic has allowed me to extend the tools of expression. Knowing a technique where drawing and color can be valued and valued without being excluded. His palette is highly alive to me; a universe of possibilities that has transformed the landscape of the ‘Drawn Cities’. Technique according to the shape? Shape that has found the technique? In any case, enough reasons to continue experimenting, tensing the thread.

This is the vision Agnes has about her work and about what painting and drawing represent for her. She is the first guest of the “Experiences Cuní” adventure, a video series that aims to describe the versatility of wax-based encaustic painting.

The different characteristics and nuances that wáter encaustic provides depend not only on the properties of the product and its formulation based in beewax and natural pigments, but specially on the use that the artist imagines for each work, the technique he chooses and the combination with other types of paint like oil or watercolor.

This occasion Agnes decided to use high dissolved encaustic to replace the ink and watercolor, materials that she usually aply in his work, to draw an abstract urban landscape, very colorful. -Every material that you experiment with will give you opportunities that you can not imagine- she comments with his eyes absorbed in the paper canves on which she does not stop giving brushstrokes.

Agnes Fong Lucero has a degree in Industrial Design from the Higher Institute of Design in Havana, Cuba. He has extensive experience in industrial and graphic design, and she has taught classes and workshops in the Institute of Design and in primary school schools. She has also made personal and collective exhibitions in Madrid, Valencia, Almería and Havana.

Learn more about the artist: http://agnesfongdibujos.com

Learn more about Ciní encaustic: http://www.encausticcuni.com/es/