Experiences – Gabriela Berlingeri

Gabriela Berlingeri experienced with 15 years the excitement of contemplating the architecture and art of the great masters of history in Rome, Florence or Paris, at the same time she was captivated by the street art that bustled in these cities so far from her native Uruguay.

Her architecture studies allowed her to travel around the world while she began her apprenticeship in drawing and painting. In this vital journey she discovered that painting opened a universe full of paths to explore, where freedom is total.

As a painter, she began experimenting with textures and forms associated with architecture: brick dust, sand, ropes … although the study of the human figure with a live model finally led her to watercolor, with which she has developed the bulk of her work .

Gabriela’s painting allows her to “connect with childhood, with the spirit of play and fun, without fear that the final result will not be as expected”. Perhaps for this reason she does not stop experimenting with different techniques, formats and materials, since for her it is about “opening the mind and enjoying the way”.

To express the genuineness that one carries inside, to make constant tests and to avoid the routine, is for her a state of mind, her attitude towards life and the reflection of her work.

In this video, Gabriela works with encaustic and Chinese ink, an experience that is pleasantly constructive:

… “This work is part of the collection titled” Mar de Plástico” (Plastic Sea), which features the unique landscape of Almeria that I see every day when I travel on the highway: thousands and thousands of hectares covered by greenhouses extend from the mountain to the sea. According to the UAL, Almería is the place in the world with the highest concentration of greenhouses.

I explore the underlying geometry of this particular environment full of contrasts. I use a structure of horizontal rhythms, which oscillates between an architectural order, rectilinear and the allusion to the natural world. The black, the yellow and the white of the canvas follow each other creating a progression of horizons that seem to extend to infinity.

The inclusion of human presence through tiny figures, imperceptible to the hurried observer, transform the area that surrounds them into an immensity

“Mar de Plástico” has several points of contact with my previous series “Texturas”, with the peculiarity that now the density of the material gives way to the lightness of the encaustic to water and Chinese ink”.